So·crat·ic  / səˈkradik/

Setting Insights Higher

We Are Socratic Technologies

Socratic is a research-based consultancy that drives strategy and lifts brands

We embrace our technology roots to engage consumers online for better data quality and deliver end users access to dynamic simulators and dashboards

Harnessing the power of AI machine-learning and advanced statistics to better understand why consumers make the choices they make

Believe that delivering high touch client experiences as a cornerstone to providing irreplaceable value

What We Solve

Capturing Knowledge and Insights

For Clients Around The Globe


Understand both the rational and underlying emotional reasons for how consumers feel about brands and why they make selections

Product & Service Innovation

Develop start-to-finish innovations ecosystems to identify, screen, evaluate, develop, and prototype products and services

Communication & Naming

Optimize messaging and ensure it reflects the brand’s core equities and desired associations

Brand Health Tracking

Obtain insights for brands to identify positioning opportunities that enhance long-term strategy

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Our Client Partners

Our promise is to deliver nothing short of irreplaceable value

We look forward to exploring what that means for you