Socratic’s Quick Turn Concept Testing

Tailored Feedback with No Limits

Get a repeatable concept testing program that will allow for fast implementation and rapid decision making.

Test any concept with fast, accurate design and quick results - in as little as 48 hours.

By offering a repeatable research program, our clients can execute faster on crucial decisions. Unlike the off-the-shelf survey tools, we support and consult throughout the process to ensure actionable and meaningful results.
Test Anyting
Build a Plan
Survey with Purpose
Flexibility at all steps
Messaging, Images, Ads, Products. They all can be tested!

Learn which concepts will perform best before you launch. With rapid testing, you can iterate your concepts to ensure you launch with your best option.
Create goals with confidence and data support.

Getting a roadmap of insights that can lead to a more informed and supported strategy can help get to decisions faster.
Supported and consultative in the design, setup and launch.

We support and partner in the survey design so that the feedback and information is actionable.
Align the insights with existing benchmarks and internal data.

The implementation and outcomes will sync with the internal data and insights on the concept so there is no starting over with new metrics.
Configure to your needs without limit.

The goal is for you to adjust and repeat concept tests to arrive at the best options. By removing the limits to the number of tests and types of questions, answers can be attained more quickly.
The relationship does not end once deliverables are shared – we are committed to our shared success.

Socratic hosts insights roundtables with other insights professionals.

Provides you insights from our internal omnibus.

Shares findings from our research-on-research efforts.

We strive to be your preferred partner.

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how it works

Consult and Setup

Get your survey up and running with a professional consultation. This gets your survey designed and loaded for use. This step includes:
Identification of samples and sizes
Creation of panel mix
Schedule of alerts
Review of screener and data files
Pre-build of survey banners
Report setup & design

Concept Testing Timeline

24 Hours Before Survey

Ready to test? Let us know a day in advance to assign resources and prep your survey.

Day 1 - Launch!

We finalize the concepts, update the pre-programmed survey, and QA the test links.

Once completed, the survey is live!

Day 2 Close

Data collection can be completed in as little as 48 hours from launch.

Findings and insights are pulled together for the final report.

Reporting and Insights

Access real-time results with our Complimentary Dashboard, designed to give you instant visibility into your testing outcomes.

Customized Metrics - Fast!

Swiftly tailored to your specific goals, enabling rapid analysis and informed decision-making.

No Limit

Adjust and repeat concept tests effortlessly, ensuring the best options emerge through unrestricted testing and question types.

The Concept Dashboard

Socratic’s Concept Dashboard allows for complete organization and reporting of your concept testing program.

Our Quick Turn Concept Testing allows for an idea to be placed in front of target audiences BEFORE it goes live and can be used to test almost ANY IDEA. The confidence of using the right words, colors, and designs can ensure the concept will be successful without risking budget, resources, or customer loyalty.

Common Uses For Concept Testing

Advertising Ideas
Feature Sets
Pricing Sensitivity
Messaging and Slogans
Package Design
Name Testing
New Products
New Logos
Website and Digital Layouts

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