Our Brand Promise

Deliver Irreplaceable Value to Our Clients

For two and a half decades, Socratic has not only been at the forefront of empirical research, but we've also been strategic partners in our clients' successes. By combining time-tested traditional research with cutting-edge methodologies and advanced statistics, we've crafted a legacy of excellence. Our dedication to our clients manifests as intelligent, accessible, and above all, actionable research results that drive strategic decision-making.

Signature Strengths:

  • Global reach, executing programs in over 100 languages.
  • An unyielding commitment to data integrity, fortified by a seamless blend of advanced technology, automated processes, and meticulous hands-on data verification.
  • Stringent data security & information protection infrastructure that adheres to the strictest governance requirements.
  • Comprehensive strategy & consulting services, ensuring our clients not only gather insights but also derive meaningful strategies from them.
Let's connect

Socratic promises senior team involvement at every step.

What it looks like to work with Socratic.
Scope and Plan
Analyze and Report
Socialize and Consult
Build a Relationship
You and a senior researcher at Socratic will discuss project requirements.

Typically, basic questions include: What are we wanting to learn? How will the findings be used? And, who do we want to invite to the research?

We seek input from both sides before we approve and finalize the plan.
You and a senior researcher at Socratic will develop materials (e.g. survey, discussion guide, stimuli to present in the research). Together, we will review, revise, and finalize materials.
This is where the larger Socratic team gets involved for all remaining steps in the project (e.g. programming surveys, prepping for data collection, recruiting research respondents, etc.).

You should expect frequent email updates from us during the project.

Provide you access to Socratic Online for self-service and real-time access to data collection statistics, data tables, and data files.

We will also look to schedule a work session with you to review early data and discuss the story and narrative that is emerging – this valuable two-way input helps ensure the final deliverables are relevant and impactful.
Analyze and Report
In this stage, we are busy at work creating the final deliverables. Our objective is to deliver something that is ready-to-share at your organization.
As your research partner, we are always available for presentations, additional work sessions, and follow-up exploration.

The relationship does not end once deliverables are shared – we are committed to our shared success.

Socratic hosts insights roundtables with other insights professionals.

Provides you insights from our internal omnibus.

Shares findings from our research-on-research efforts.

We strive to be your preferred partner.

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Meet our team.

A unique blend of professional researchers and technical specialists.

Michael Gray

President, Founder

Chris Davis

Executive Vice President

Lee Streu

Executive Vice President

Andrea Baird

Research Director

Meghan Bertig


John Butler

Senior Web Developer

Mark Cape

Office Manager

Julie Brancato

Vice President of Operations

Daniel Chiat

Senior Research Director

Birgit Eschmann

Research Director

Anna Jenkinson

Senior Project Director

Alec Kotopoulos

Vice President Business Development

Michael Lewis

Vice President of Research

Kelly Manning

VP, Business Development

Ronnie Nichols

Quality Assurance

Amalio Onorato

Web Developer

Alexandra O'Pecko

Research Director

Holly Pritz

Sample Operations Manager

Kerry Beth Richardson

Survey Programmer

Ed Rodgers

Director of Marketing

Steve Simpson

Manager Survey Production

Sally Steele

Creative Director

Khushi Trivedi

Research Director

Catherine Ulmer

Research Director

Paul Winkler

Media Producer