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Socratic unlocks data-driven insights into customer interests and perceptions, empowering strategies for enhanced engagement and superior customer experiences.

Product Development

Socratic is involved in every phase of product development, starting from idea generation and moving through screening, development, testing, and post-launch optimization. We offer normative benchmark solutions and provide online dashboards to assist with continuous innovation programs.

Our approach to concept testing includes the following:

  • Quick Turn Concept Testing Program for budget-friendly and rapid testing (Reference).
  • Online Concept Dashboard to establish institutional memory for concept testing and build decision-making benchmarks (Video).
  • Socratic ProductExhibitorSM to help consumers visualize new menu items and offerings (Video).
  • Socratic Concept HighlighterSM to isolate concept drivers and barriers (Video).
  • Conjoint, Adaptive Conjoint, Discrete Choice to identify feature combinations and levels that optimize offerings (Reference).
  • Menu-based conjoint and Socratic Configurator AnalysisSM to offer context, visualization, and interaction in a more natural choice-based exercise (Demo) (Case Study).

Messaging & Promotion Testing

Socratic's tools excel in pinpointing specific elements within messaging that either capture or lose the attention of consumers. We possess the capability to assess various messaging formats, such as video, web pages, mobile apps, email, direct mail, static media, and any other mediums brands employ to engage their audience. Our research methodologies, coupled with advanced statistical analyses, enable us to identify both the direct and indirect messages consumers derive from proposed content, along with the underlying reasons.

Our suite of tools includes:

  • TURF & Socratic NCURASM: Identifying optimal combinations of messages and promotional concepts that generate the highest interest across a broad audience (Video).
  • Socratic PerceptometerSM (Video).
  • Socratic Collage BuilderSM (Video).
  • 360⁰ Environments: An alternative approach to provide context, visualization, and interaction (Demo).
  • Multi-Response MaxDiff: Prioritizing lists of messages and promotional ideas (Reference).

Brand Health & Strategy

Effective strategy is all about defining the right direction. At Socratic, we've honed our toolset and research approaches to gain a deeper understanding of consumer perceptions within the marketplace and towards your brand.

Our comprehensive toolkit includes:

  • Socratic Brand Power Rating™: An assessment tool to gauge the overall strength of your brand within a competitive context (Reference).
  • Socratic Brand Mapping: Providing insights into how your brand is perceived and where it stands relative to the competition (Video).
  • Video & Audio Capture within Surveys: Enabling customers to naturally share their brand experiences through storytelling (Video).
  • Advanced Text Science: Harnessing the power of AI and machine-learning algorithms to not only uncover dominant themes within unstructured, open-ended datasets but also to reveal the relative importance of words and their associations based on linguistic context.

Customer Advisory Communities

Socratic can establish and manage branded communities to collect regular feedback through online quantitative & qualitative feedback via focused learning labs (e.g., taking an idea from creation through concept development) or more general & varied topics (e.g., concept testing, reactions to promotions, brand perceptions, etc.).

  • To date, Socratic has built over 300 custom panels & communities 
  • Our internal development staff builds custom features & functionality to meet the unique needs of each client
  • Our systems are scalable & meet the most stringent security & reliability requirements set by our financial services clients


We are proud to be client-partners with many technology companies who are leaders in their industry.

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Relevant and Meaningful Research that Directly Influences Strategy and Decision-Making

Using insights from our research creates confidence in the strategy by using customer feedback to influence decision-making.
Uber Case Study
case study

Building Uber’s New Subscription Service

Uber believes good things happen when people can move, whether across town or toward their dreams. This has lead Uber to create a global ridesharing service. While they changed how people can request rides, it was only a starting point.

Elastic Promotes Positive Business Outcomes That It Helps Customers Achieve

Elastic is a leading platform for search-powered solutions that helps organizations, their employees, and their customers to find documents, monitor infrastructure, protect against security threats, and more. Companies like Netflix, Uber, Slack, Microsoft, and thousands of others rely on Elastic for their search applications and solutions.

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Setting Insights Higher
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