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Research Methods

Approach to Concept Testing

Learn about some of the different approaches Socratic’s Concept Testing can support your organization.
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Socratic's Approach to Positioning and Segmentation

Socratic’s brand mapping overview that helps segment audiences and understand brand positioning in the marketplace.
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Concept Dashboard Overview

Overview of Socratic’s concept dashboard that is part of their concept testing programs including Quick Turn Concept Testing.
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NCURA Survey Method

NCURA (non-cannibalized unduplicated reach analysis) provides TURF-like results but facilitates the modeling of optimal product mix strategies.
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Survey Tools

Overview of Socratic's ProductExhibitor

The Socratic ProductExhibitor delivers a product demonstration via the Web with the most detailed information possible, yet without overloading the respondent with minutiae.
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Video Capture on Surveys

See how Socratic’s video capture works on surveys.
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Socratic's Perceptometer

See how Socratic’s Perceptometer captures viewer sentiment in this demonstration.
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Collage Builder Demonstration

Demonstration of how Socratic’s Collage Builder works in a survey.
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Concept Highlighter Demonstration

Learn how Socratic’s Concept Highlighter can give you insights into your messaging and visuals.
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Audio Capture on Surveys

See how Socratic’s audio capture works when added to a survey.
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Socratic Online Tutorial

How To Login

  • Where to login
  • How to start using Socratic Online
  • :47 Sec

Access Research Data

  • How to view research data
  • Retrieve open text responses
  • Look at specific question results
  • :57 Sec

See Research Progress

  • Monitor your research’s progress
  • See respondent quota levels
  • Look at starts, completes and termed performance
  • :55 Sec

Socratic Online: Upload A File

  • Add files or data to your project
  • Include presentations or reports to project
  • Organize and manage project assets
  • :60 Sec

Socratic Online: Download Data From A Project

  • Download data from current or previous projects
  • Build unique data sets for analysis
  • Select different dispositions for review
  • :64 Sec

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