concept testing


Socratic goes far beyond standard questions-and-answers to evaluate concepts, offering advanced measurement techniques for informed decision-making.

Socratic Engagement Opportunity Index™

Socratic’s Engagement Opportunity Index™ is a powerful tool designed to evaluate and compare concepts against established benchmarks. ​

​The EOI distills multiple attributes into a single comprehensive metric providing you with quick and clear insights into the strengths and opportunities of your concept. Rescaling the EOI within specific subgroups enables identification of key differences where engagement potential is more pronounced. ​ Click here to find out more about Socratic’s Engagement Opportunity Index™

Choice designs for Concept Testing

Choice modeling asks research respondents to make purchase decisions from among experimentally varied sets of options.  Adding choice modeling to concept testing can answer several potential objectives, including:

  • Prioritizing features
  • Identifying the specific features that drive preference
  • Understanding price sensitivity around an offering
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AI-Powered Text Science for Concept testing

Socratic’s approach to text science uses powerful AI-powered natural language processing to transform unstructured text into meaningful maps.  Socratic then applies modeling that can identify concept drivers and barriers, segment and profile acceptors and rejectors, and explore whitespace on potential usage occasions for new ideas.  This combination provides qualitative context with quantitative rigor for better decision-making.  If you would like to have a demonstration of our Text Science capabilities, let’s schedule a meeting.