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Enhancing Customer Engagement in Financial Services Through Valuable Insights

Socratic unlocks data-driven insights into customer interests and perceptions, empowering strategies for enhanced engagement and superior customer experiences.

Product Development

Socratic is involved in every phase of product development, starting from idea generation and moving through screening, development, testing, and post-launch optimization. We offer normative benchmark solutions and provide online dashboards to assist with continuous innovation programs.

Our approach to concept testing includes the following:

  • Quick Turn Concept Testing Program for budget-friendly and rapid testing (Reference).
  • Online Concept Dashboard to establish institutional memory for concept testing and build decision-making benchmarks (Video).
  • Socratic ProductExhibitorSM to help consumers visualize new menu items and offerings (Video).
  • Socratic Concept HighlighterSM to isolate concept drivers and barriers (Video).
  • Conjoint, Adaptive Conjoint, Discrete Choice to identify feature combinations and levels that optimize offerings (Reference).
  • Menu-based conjoint and Socratic Configurator AnalysisSM to offer context, visualization, and interaction in a more natural choice-based exercise (Demo) (Case Study).

Messaging & Promotion Testing

Socratic’s tools will pinpoint specific elements of messaging where consumers engage or disengage. We can evaluate video, web pages, mobile apps, email, direct mail, static media, or any other messaging formats that brands use to engage consumers. Our research methodologies and advanced statistics identify what direct and indirect messages consumers take away from proposed messaging and the reasons why.

  • TURF & Socratic NCURA SM identifies the combination of messages & promotional ideas that maximizes interest to the broadest audience (Video)
  • Socratic Perceptometer SM delivers a hyper detailed evaluation of any video communication so you can ensure the messaging and visuals are well received (Video)
  • Socratic Collage Builder SM takes your visuals and images and will identify the combination that is effective and engaging to the target audience (Video)
  • 360⁰ environments as another option to provide context, visualization, and interaction that can be done within an office, branch or kiosk  (Demo)
  • Multi-Response MaxDiff to prioritize lists of messages & promotional ideas (Reference)

Brand Health & Strategy

Effective strategy is all about defining the right direction. At Socratic, we've honed our toolset and research approaches to gain a deeper understanding of consumer perceptions within the marketplace and towards your brand.

Our comprehensive toolkit includes:

  • Socratic Brand Power Rating™: An assessment tool to gauge the overall strength of your brand within a competitive context (Reference).
  • Socratic Brand Mapping: Providing insights into how your brand is perceived and where it stands relative to the competition (Video) .
  • Video & Audio Capture within Surveys: Enabling customers to naturally share their brand experiences through storytelling (Video).
  • Advanced Text Science: Harnessing the power of AI and machine-learning algorithms to not only uncover dominant themes within unstructured, open-ended datasets but also to reveal the relative importance of words and their associations based on linguistic context.

Customer Experience

Customer experiences are the foundation to brand opinions, which in turn lead to action outcomes.  Socratic offers unique approaches to eliciting customer experience stories.  Socratic then applies Advanced Text Science & Modeling to identify the brand experiences that best drive positive branding moments.

  • Video & Audio capture within surveys to allow customers to more naturally tell stories about their brand experiences (Video)
  • Advanced Text Science that uses AI & machine-learning algorithms to:
    1. reveal dominant themes in unstructured, open-end datasets
    2. identify the relative importance of words and their strength of association based on language context.
  • Bayesian Driver Modeling to identify the words & phrases in brand stories that are tied to desired outcomes (e.g., top-of-mind visit intent, recommendations).

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Collaborating with Leading Financial Services Organizations

We take pride in our client partnerships with renowned financial organizations worldwide. Socratic has served as a trusted advisor across various industry sectors, including: Banks and Credit Unions, Investment and Retirement Services, Insurance Providers, and
Credit Card Issuers.

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Delving Deep into the Analytics of Modern Brand Strength Measurement

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