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Product & Service Innovation

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”
- Henry Ford

True innovation is creating something that does not exist.

A critical step in innovation research is helping consumers understand an idea so that they can fairly evaluate it.

After all, true innovation means developing a product or service with which consumers have little to no familiarity. Yet, if consumers do not fully understand what the offering is and how it can benefit them, how can they determine if they are interested?

Socratic in-houses all resources to develop and present innovation ideas in the best way possible. Some of our common approaches include storyboards, videos, and immersive environments. When appropriate, we also use visual design and screen layout to help, particularly for choice-based exercises like Socratic Configurator Analysis ℠ and conjoint.

Socratic has decades of experience in applying its toolset to identify the best ideas and recommend ways to enhance the ideas prior to launch.

We work in all innovation phases from idea creation to screening, development, testing, and post-launch optimization. And, we offer normative benchmark solutions and online dashboards to support on-going innovation programs.
Learn About Quick Turn Concept Testing With Tailored Feedback And No Limits
Concept Testing

Product Innovation Decisions

Concept Screening
Kill the ideas with limited consumer interest early and often.
Product Optimization
Identify the combination of features and benefits that work hardest to create interest, and eliminate those that offer little incremental value.
Pricing & Demand Analysis
Reveal the pricing strategy that best balances potential revenue and what consumers are willing to pay.
Product Line Optimization
Build a range of product and service offerings that maximizes the line’s incremental potential while minimizing cannibalization.
Positioning & Target Market Identification
Maximize the chances of using the right message for the right target and learn how to enhance communication language.
Build your idea and concepts into reality with lower risk of failure by eliminating the unknowns. Create feedback loops and learn what is connecting with audiences and what you need to adjust to have a successful launch.
Pilot Testing
Solicit evaluative and constructive feedback on new or enhanced offerings before they are launched to larger audiences.
Learn How Choice Modeling Can Optimize Your Products
Choice Modeling
Our Technology Roots

The tools and approaches for product innovation research.

Socratic Configurator Analysis℠
Normative Benchmarking
Qualitative Discussions & Web Boards
Custom Concept Development
Van Westendorp Pricing Sensitivity
Mobile-Based Feedback Loops
White Paper

Testing graphic design for packaging.

Learn how a well-designed research approach to the visual aspects of a product and its packaging can improve sales and performance. The paper also reviews some of the approaches and research methods used for product and design testing.

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