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Brand Health Tracking

A reputation can take years to build with customers.

Use Brand Health Tracking To Influence Strategy.

Traditional brand equity and advertising tracking programs are designed to take a snapshot of the current marketplace. Are consumers aware of a brand? How likely are they to think of a brand if they are making a purchase today? What perceptions do they link to a brand?

Yet, it is up to the brand teams to infer what this means for their brand health and how to course correct.

Socratic builds upon traditional tracking programs by also identifying brand positioning opportunities and informing long-term strategy.

We engage consumers within a tracking survey to collect qualitative-type feedback on how they feel about brands and about their most-desired benefits.

Our advanced statistics and modeling reveal the white-space positioning opportunities that brands can capitalize on.

If the brand launches a communication effort against the new opportunity, our modeling also identifies the leading indicators against the new positioning so that we can track campaign effectiveness.

Socratic’s approach to brand equity tracking creates a strategy loop that goes well beyond traditional tracking programs.

Brand Health Tracking Decisions

Customer Satisfaction & Behavioral Indicators

Understand the short-term effects of satisfaction, the long-term impact on loyalty, and the customer experiences that drive or detract from these relationship goals.

Retention/Win-Back Opportunities

Reveal the positive experiences that retain, deepen, and win-back lapsed customers.

Social Listening

Synthesize and interpret public conversations about your brand to measure buzz and appropriately respond to emerging perceptions.

Social Media Effectiveness

Evaluate the extent to which your social media efforts resonate with intended audiences and contribute to brand goals.

Brand Equity Tracking

Evaluate in-market brand health with Socratic’s unique ability to also inform white-space opportunities and future strategy.

Advertising Tracking

Evaluate how well the advertising connects with consumers and contributes to campaign objectives.

Competitive Analysis

Assess the dominant brands, the equities they own, and the momentum they possess before deciding on ownable strategies for your brand.

Positioning/White Space Opportunities

Get ahead of competitors by identifying the opportunities that are unforeseen and unaddressed by others.
“Working with Socratic on our brand equity tracking was a terrific experience. The Socratic team really dug in and was able to “surprise and delight” by overdelivering with a solid QRE - and with very little context. It’s clear that the Socratic team has tremendous research experience, understands best practices as well as the best ways to get the most accurate results to impact strategy.”
- Samantha, Leading Pharmaceutical Company
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The Tools and Approaches for Brand Health Tracking

Socratic Collage Builder℠
Brand Scorecard Model
Text Science
Driver Pathways & Bayesian Networks
Custom Online KPI Dashboards
Qualitative Discussions & Ethnographies

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