Utility Customer Experience: 8 Insights Gained Through Brand Tracking

Published on Jan 04, 2024 by Alec Kotopoulos

Utility companies face unique challenges in meeting the diverse expectations of their community and addressing different satisfaction metrics.

One important effort that utilities can make to improve their customer experience is adopting brand tracking where customers are surveyed on specific areas about their experience with the utility on different factors over time. This information is then aligned with the customer programs and investments to gauge the effectiveness and improvements of the different strategic efforts. 

A pivotal initiative in elevating customer experience is the adoption of brand and satisfaction research. This strategic approach involves identifying key factors that drive satisfaction and dissatisfaction with utility organizations over time, allowing for the proactive implementation of programs that foster long-term loyalty.

Brand and satisfaction research goes beyond mere brand recognition, delving deep into perceptions, experiences, and customer affinity towards a brand and its services. Here's a snapshot of key areas that well designed and executed strategic research can shed light on:

  1. Transparency: Addressing concerns about the perceived high cost of utilities by ensuring clear and transparent billing, providing a breakdown of charges to alleviate confusion and frustration.
  2. Customer Service: Improving customer service by reducing wait times, and resolving issues promptly to demonstrate value and appreciation for customers.
  3. Reliability and Outages: Mitigating dissatisfaction caused by service interruptions through timely communication, especially in areas prone to extreme weather conditions.
  4. Account Management: Thus enhancing user experience in managing accounts by improving the accessibility and user-friendliness of online platforms, making bill comprehension and updates seamless.
  5. Options for Renewable Energy: Meeting the increasing demand for renewable energy options and ensuring affordability to align with growing environmental awareness.
  6. Communication of Innovative Solutions: Enhancing communication strategies to ensure customers are aware of innovative solutions and sustainability programs, avoiding confusion due to jargon.
  7. Metering and Billing Accuracy: Addressing discrepancies in meter readings promptly to prevent overcharging or sudden large bills, contributing to a smoother billing experience.
  8. Personalization in Services: Offering personalized service options and flexible rate plans to meet individual customer needs, fostering a sense of engagement and satisfaction.

These insights empower utility companies to identify gaps and opportunities in customer engagement effectively. The data directly influences investments and priorities, leading to improvements that not only enhance customer loyalty but also contribute to better community involvement.

Brand tracking can help bring forward gaps or opportunities to a utility in the effectiveness of their customer engagement. The insights gathered can directly influence the investment and priorities for a utility to improve, not just that the customers need help but also understand how they can achieve the improvement. This not only improves customer satisfaction but can also contribute to better community involvement. Click to learn more about Brand Tracking with Socratic and our services.

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Alec Kotopoulos is the VP of Business Development at Socratic Technologies. With over 25 years of experience within Fortune 100 firms where he led market research and data analytics groups, Alec has supported strategic decision-making and research efforts for leading Financial Services, Retail/CPG and Biopharmaceutical companies worldwide. At Socratic, Alec, together with our expert research team, works closely with an array of clients to help ensure the delivery of business centric, needle moving research.

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