Understanding How To Drive Brand Loyalty

Published on Jun 09, 2021 by Ed Rodgers

We all have our favorite brands. The affinity towards one vs. another is influenced by many factors, one which is likely to be brand trust.  Brands that reliably deliver consistently on their brand promise have the power to build a loyal customer base which in turn makes for advocates and promoters for them. 

Socratic used our omnibus recently to understand how to drive brand loyalty and investigate what factors influence brand authenticity. Using a MaxDiff methodology, we were able understand the relative importance of the attributes that define brand trust and brand authenticity.  

Car manufacturers go to great lengths to ensure their brands are visible and recognizable.  Along with the well-known logos, each car company invests in creating a brand experience that differentiates themselves.  While some are positioned as luxury vehicles and other brands are built to be for everyone, they all need to connect with the public on their brand promises.  We looked at several car brands and asked our omnibus their perceptions of trust and authenticity for each of the manufacturers.  

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