Mobile In-Home Use

Used Primarily For: Live and On-Location Input
Characteristics: Multi-Platform Adaptability
Output: Qualitative and quantitative platforms are available for both traditional surveys and "in the moment" research.

Surveys are compatible with the device being used for access, including laptop computer, tablet, iPhone, Android, etc. A qualitative platform can also be set up as 1:1 or for group conversations.

The case studies Socratic has initiated include:

  • In-the-moment feedback
  • Test markets/in-store promotions
  • Mystery shop/ethnography
  • Image-video capture
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Satisfaction feedback
  • New product launches

Our process enables better quality feedback via:

  • Pictures
  • Location-based surveys and diaries
  • Couponing
  • UPC scan

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Socratic Mobile In-Home Use