Socratic Web BoardsSM

Used Primarily For: Qualitative Feedback, Discovery
Characteristics: Ideation, Hypothesis Generation
Output: Used as alternatives to physical focus groups, Web Boards are ideal for hard-to-reach or geographically dispersed targets.

These are highly effective in obtaining in-depth qualitative feedback via moderator-led online qualitative discussions. They are useful for ideation and hypothesis generation projects. Web Boards can be structured to last several days or up to several months depending on the tasks performed by the participants.

Other characteristics of Web Boards that clients find beneficial include:

  • Participatory: Respondents are able to participate 24/7 while the Web Board is active, no geographic or time zone limitations
  • Scalable: Allows multiple participants the opportunity to contribute feedback on various discussion topics
  • Individualized: Unlike focus groups where group dynamics can be affected by select vocal individuals, respondents do not see the comments of other participants until after everyone has provided feedback
  • Social: Built-in exercises ask participants to interact with other participants via cross-threaded discussions

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Socratic Web BoardsSM