Virtual Retail Environment

Used Primarily For: Design Testing
Characteristics: Hyper Experiential
Output: The first major hurdle in testing retail environments is the demonstration of concepts and processes through which customers must interact with the brand.

This "customer experience" in the retail environment is essential to creating a link between positive brand associations and satisfaction with in-stream transactions. Socratic uses a wide variety of animation tools and renderings to present various environmental "look and feel" scenarios, and to demonstrate how the alternative process concepts are intended to work. All of these techniques are applied in a flexible digital format that has a high degree of verisimilitude—at a fraction of the cost of creating physical "test stores."

When contextualization and visualization are important elements of the research design, Socratic offers pre-built tools and in-house capabilities for custom development. The solution can be as simple as replacing a static concept with a video, or it can involve multi-step strategies:

Case Examples:

  • Explain a complex concept (e.g., mobile applications, new checking feature, customer service experience, new commercial treasury service) that may not have been well understood as a static concept.
  • Provide the context of an in-store experience but use a research technique requiring an online survey (Configurator & Choice design)
  • Conduct an experimental design study to test different offers and advertisements during the ATM transaction
  • Concept test an in-store design (hotel, gas station)

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Socratic Virtual Retail Environment