Realtime Reporting

Used Primarily For: Information Access and Data Management
Characteristics: Visual, Easy to Share
Output: While some argue that the top benefit of Web-based surveying has been to lower research costs, more decision-makers now say its greatest attribute is the speed with which the Web can deliver results.

The ability to offer online reporting of real-time data has reduced the time-to-decision cycle by up to 80% of traditional research. The benefits of Realtime Reporting are a key research success driver with innumerable benefits:

  • Data is continuously analyzed in real time. Get enhanced visibility of developing trends plus the ability to monitor field progress. Authorized users can check quota status, productivity and frequency data at any time.
  • Sophisticated filtering by key subgroups (e.g., demographics) and cross-tabulation can be done by the client using either an Internet or intranet system, following the collection of data.
  • Live tracking of survey status reveals quotas and mid-terminates. Paused surveys are not lost and past projects can be archived for future reference.
  • Better data cleanliness is achieved by reducing the possibility of human error during data processing.
  • Enhanced functionality that enables users to perform ad-hoc data queries to answer questions that arise from the primary findings.
  • Password-protected Web access provides varying levels of secure access to the data 24/7, and clients have full accessibility to data from any Internet connection, anywhere in the world.

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Socratic Realtime Reporting