Mobile Event Feedback

Used Primarily For: Moment of Experience
Characteristics: Robust and Customizable
Output: In addition to robust and fully customizable mobile web applications, Socratic offers a fully functional iOS and Android downloadable app.

This mixed-mode (online, tablet, smartphone) platform is currently being integrated within our Socratic Forum community and extends our ability to craft relevant custom research studies that leverage the platform appropriately, provide critical in-the-moment feedback, and engage and solidify our panelists with immediate gratification using real-time couponing as incentives.

Our live case study for Investors' Circle
For the past three years Socratic has had the pleasure of supporting Investors' Circle. IC was founded more than 20 years ago by a group of investors dedicated to "impact investing" (moving capital into companies that are both for-profit and offer solutions to social and environmental problems). By developing real-time feedback for IC’s critical Venture Fair events, Socratic has enabled their members to engage in direct and real-time dialog with one another, and, in the process, collect audiences’ impressions of each company as they are presenting. The result is clear and actionable data that IC uses to begin their due diligence immediately following entrepreneurs’ pitches.

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