Supply Chain Headaches For Consumers

Published on Nov 05, 2021 by Ed Rodgers

How Are People Adjusting To The Supply Chain Issues

The global economy’s reliance on the ability to get enough good across the planet and to consumers has been brought to everyone’s attention this year.   With stories about the lack of certain products and ports having a massive backlog of containers unable to be shipped out, consumers are feeling having to make choices in their buying decisions.

Socratic’s recent omnibus investigated how much the supply chain issues have impacted our respondents.  The infographic of the responses highlights some of the key product categories where the disruptions have been felt and how the respondents reacted to unavailable products they typically would readily find and buy only a short time ago.

The omnibus also captured respondents’ strategies on dealing with missing products and higher costing products in their everyday routines.  Lastly, the infographic provides their thoughts on where prices will look for the next year on key product and service categories.