Super Bowl And Olympic Viewing

Published on Mar 04, 2022 by Ed Rodgers

How Did People View Two Of The Biggest Sports Watching Events Airing At The Same Time

When the Winter Olympics and the Super Bowl occur during the same time frame, people who watch sports are offered a chance to watch two of the most viewed sports events in the world. While this year's Olympics has some political and controversial decisions related to COVID and certain sports, the Super Bowl is contending with having two teams that were not expected to be competing.

Even with these overarching storylines, we wanted to investigate how people planned to watch these sports events and some of the traditions that come with these sporting events. From viewing parties, to choices in snacks and food, we looked into both how people were planning to watch the Super Bowl as well as what events the Olympics they plan to watch.

Lastly, the omnibus looked at how our respondents view their fandom for watching the big game and whether the non-event related storylines affect their interest or ability to enjoy watching the sporting event. You can review the key findings from this omnibus below in the infographic.

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