Student Loans: Future Success or Shackles?

Published on Mar 29, 2023 by Ed Rodgers

Omnibus investigates how student loans impact families and perspective students

Pursuing a college degree is a life event that many people and families experience. To graduate from a college and university is a big accomplishment and can improve a person's earnings and career path. The challenge with pursuing a degree is the stifling costs associated with attending many institutions, which requires most people to take out student loans to finance their education.

The use of student loans to pursue advanced degrees, coupled with the rising cost of tuition, has made many people reconsider if attending college is the right option for them, considering the amount of debt waiting for them after graduation. Socratic's omnibus was asked about their experiences and opinions about the current state of student loans and how it impacts their life and potential decisions about attending college. The included infographic below includes the results from our investigation.