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Strategy Consulting

To know where to go, we must know where we are

Strategy is about setting direction

Some research partners are good at describing the current marketplace.  Whereas, others are better at falling back on existing case studies and frameworks to make strategy recommendations. Yet, the best strategies come from a research partner who knows how to dissect a marketplace and apply customized solutions to reveal the path forward.

Socratic has developed its toolset and research approaches to more effectively understand how consumers feel about the marketplace and your brand.

Socratic also has the demonstrated expertise to apply modeling and advanced statistics in finding latent and unmet needs that will help better position your brand.

Having the right research partner is critical to setting direction and establishing a strategy.

Strategy Consulting Decisions

Learn how relevant and credible your company is with consumers and what sets you apart from your competition.

Identify the factors and influencers that support or detract from your company’s success and identity.

Identify unique groups of consumers to size opportunities and define recognizable target groups.

Discover the actions and decision points your target audience makes on the path to purchase.

Optimize the mix of in-store and near-store influences that ultimately lead to brand choice and product decisions.

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Our Technology Roots

The Tools And Approaches For Strategy Consulting

  • Socratic Brand Power Rating ™
  • Socratic Configurator Analysis ℠
  • Socratic Collage Builder ℠
  • Text Science
  • Driver Pathways & Bayesian Networks
  • Qualitative Discussions & Ethnographies

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