Spring Cleaning Infographic

Published on Apr 20, 2022 by Ed Rodgers

When the weather starts to improve and flowers begin to bloom, it is time to get homes in order and cleaned after months indoors over the winter. Spring cleaning is a long-followed tradition that covers everything from deep cleaning of the house to getting organized and decluttering in preparation for the summer.

The approach to spring cleaning can be a personal preference and replicate how parents or families did spring cleaning when you were young. For example, the preference and choices in cleaners that one uses when looking to clean the home can be due to what products were in the house growing up or what your parents used. Another area of spring cleaning that can be unique to a person is the time to accomplish the spring cleaning chores. Some dedicate as little time as possible or even outsource the cleaning, while others make spring cleaning an event covering different projects and takes days to finish.

We used our omnibus panel to look at spring cleaning and how our respondents approach the seasonal activity. The infographic below highlights our findings regarding spring cleaning activities by our respondents this year.