Spring routines are common for many people. As the world emerged from COVID protocols and the lessening of restrictions on routines, Springtime took on a new meaning of getting out and getting things done. Socratic asked our omnibus panel about Spring habits and how people view their Springtime routines around cleaning, gardening, and shopping.

Among the findings on spontaneous purchase behavior:

  • More the 3/4 made a spontaneous purchase during the spring months
  • 86% of the spontaneous purchases for only for the person buying them
  • The top purchases were clothing and electronics

When investigating spring cleaning routines and activities, key findings included:

  • An average of 8 hours is spent on spring cleaning efforts
  • Only 8% reported they were planning to do no spring cleaning
  • 23% hire people to do their spring cleaning
  • Home organization, clothes shopping and vacation planning are the top spring activities

Some of the insights related to our questions on gardening revealed the following:

  • 7 out of 10 responded as planning to plant a garden
  • 65% are looking to plant vegetables, whereas 75% are looking at planting flowers
  • 79% report that gardening is relaxing to them

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