Respondent Engagement: Essentials for Quality Today and Continued Participation Tomorrow

Seminar Description

One-hour, hands-on presentation focusing on the lack-of-cooperation crisis facing the market research industry including: a model for understanding the reasons for low participation, prescriptions for corrective actions, examples of gamification elements in survey design, and the results of increased engagement on respondent survey satisfaction and future participation rates.

1 hour seminar
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Free to corporate groups of 5 or more

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Research Seminar Series

With Dr. William MacElroy
Chairman, Socratic Technologies

Dr. William MacElroy

Key Discussion Points

  • Breakdown of current response/cooperation problems
  • Introduction to the Theory of Social Exchange and what promotes/demotes interest in participation in survey research
  • Review of psychological phenomenon of “engagement” and “focus”
  • The difference between “games” and “gamification”
  • Examples/demos of survey gamification using electronic gaming research findings
  • Discussion of how engagement affects participation, extends time-in-survey and improves data quality
  • Occasions where hyper-focus is not desirable
  • Conclusions, Summary and Discussion

Optional follow-on, 1-hour workshop where groups of people take difficult, boring or repetitious survey questions and develop strategies for “gamifying” them. Groups discuss their strategies and present their solutions.

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