Product, Pricing and Market Sizing

Successful Launches, Precision Pricing

Reaching customers with creative technology and innovative analytics.
We have developed effective procedures for testing features, pricing and demand tradeoffs, line optimization, and market opportunity and sizing analysis. As a part of this "total lifecycle" approach to product development, we have also created an entire system for the measurement and tracking of customer experience, satisfaction and loyalty.

Successful Launches

At Socratic, we design and implement nimble yet sophisticated custom research programs to inform successful product launches. Rather than rely on traditional methods alone, we focus on creative application of technology and analytics to identify latent needs and bring concepts to life.

Precision Pricing

We utilize hundreds of tools and techniques for measuring the probability of success of new products, including: qualitative online brainstorming and ideation sessions; concept screening measurements; systems for real-time ideal product configuration; and price elasticity.

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