Brand, Communication & Advertising

Tackling Complexities, Providing Clarity

Revealing your customers, your market and strategies for growth.
We use sophisticated brand-measurement techniques to detect changes in market perceptions and then link them to specific, actionable recommendations. We are often asked to collaborate in creating Key Performance Indicator (KPI) systems, by which the actions of management can be tested according to market reaction.

Tackling Complexities

Our system employs an advanced statistical procedure of "market mapping." This graphic representation of quantitative data shows market forces (drivers), key perceptual segments (target customers) and brand positions. We use market mapping to demonstrate the current brand position, recommended brand transitions, and determine likely competitive strategies.

Providing Clarity

For many clients, we've created detailed correspondence maps to identify attributes most associated with brands, and to track how those associations change over time. We have also used correlative associations to demonstrate the degree to which brands "own" key attributes (equities), and where attributes are not owned by any one brand. We concentrate on identifying attributes that are "common equities," or qualities that have become threshold-to-be-considered items and are no longer viable for differentiating the brand.

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