What The Shift Is Happening?

Published on Oct 06, 2020 by Ed Rodgers

Driving, Deliveries and Life These Days.

Socratic’s latest omnibus explored driving and the gig economy.   As COVID has impacted ridesharing and delivery service companies, Socratic asked participants about working in the gig economy and how it has changed during the pandemic.   

We also gauged interest in the new Amazon delivery service (Amazon Flex), targeting gig workers to use their vehicles to deliver packages.  Among the findings:

  • 60% of those who currently drive for one of the services are happy to be out working.
  • 2 in 5 would consider becoming a driver for Amazon Flex, with the pay being the most attractive aspect.

We collected opinions regarding Amazon’s commitment to creating an electric delivery vehicle fleet, how it may impact online shopper behavior,  and how moving to a “clean fleet” might affect the Amazon purchasing experience.  50% expect Amazon to increase shipping costs due to the electric delivery fleet. 

Over the last seven months, Socratic’s omnibus has followed several lifestyle themes from vacationing to social media engagement.  In this current release, we report how people have adjusted their planning and spending behaviors since the start of the pandemic in March.  

Overall, more than half the respondents anticipate prices will continue to increase in key consumer areas such as electronics, housing, and durable goods.   Spending habits have shifted, with a reported 26% increase in respondents who indicate cutting back or being more cautious with spending. 

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