Better Data Gets Better Results

Are you ready for smarter marketing research? Socratic researchers are dedicated to asking the right questions combining traditional and innovative approaches developed over 20 years. Let us design and implement a strategic solution for your marketing challenge so you can experience how smarter intelligence gets you better results.

Advertising Testing

Get more detailed diagnostics and useful prescriptives before, during and after your communication events.
Since 1994 Socratic Technologies has been at the forefront of researching and refining traditional methods for testing communications and messaging elements, and subsequently adapting them for use in an online environment.


Brand Assessment

Understand the value of your brand's equity and receive concrete, actionable advice on how to maximize its performance as a competitive asset.
Since 1999, we have studied many versions of the sales funnel form of measurement and have synthesized an improved version of brand-power modeling that allows organizations to identify the contribution of the brand to the business.

Concept & Product Testing

Screen for the best options with proven customer immersive research techniques.
Concept testing is widely used to identify and evaluate new product ideas. Many targeted qualitative and quantitative techniques can be employed to test early-stage concepts and gauge the potential of new product opportunities.


Data Visualization

Harness, communicate and leverage your research data. Get the right data, in the form you need it, when decisions have to be made.
Socratic captures and presents data clearly and with intuitive, pronounced aesthetics. We believe that a picture is indeed worth a thousand words and often represents thousands of numbers as well.

Environmental Design

Explore your customer's experience (from menu boards to store layouts) through Virtual Retail Environmental modeling.
Using Socratic's WebComm Toolset™ suite of tools, we have conducted a range of research studies using digital walk-throughs, room or facility fly-bys, shelf impact tests and even full virtual retail environments.


Line Analysis & Optimization

Refine your product and service mix by identifying the products that satisfy the most unique demand, without cannibalizing other items in the offering.
NCURA™ (non-cannibalized unduplicated reach analysis) is a new technique that provides TURF-like (total unduplicated reach and frequency) results but works better to facilitate the modeling of optimal product mix strategies.

Online Qualitative Techniques

Reduce the cost in travel and time required for traditional qualitative by leveraging Socratic’s technology-enabled online qualitative techniques—and at quantitative sample sizes.
Socratic has developed a host of qualitative tools to address almost every conceivable one-on-one or small group interaction online.


Packaging, Merchandising & Design

Optimize the communication power, shelf impact, brand memorability and competitive advantage of your design with proven quantitative metrics.
As its founders have a long and rich history in packaging design and testing, Socratic continues to excel in this area by leveraging more up-to-date methods of presenting stimuli to consumers.

Positioning & Segmentation

Understand how your products are perceived by customers, determine whom you should market to, discover options to expand your business and see where you stand compared to the competition.
Socratic's approach to positioning and segmentation allows us to visualize more clearly our clients' position in a market relative to their competition. Rather than rely on a priori or persona-based approaches that are not consistently effective in driving targeted marketing, Socratic recommends a quantitative approach.


Pricing & Demand Analysis

Measure the "take rate" for new products and services among target customers and uncover the range of fair market prices that will maximize market share or revenue.
For most consumers, price alone is not the key factor when a purchase is being considered. Price is one of several important variables customers evaluate; but trade-offs are made in consumers' minds to determine what they value about the offering, and therefore at what price they are "deal-prone."

Satisfaction Research

Determine how well you are meeting your customers' and/or employees' expectations and uncover possible causes for abandonment and/or defection to competitive offerings.
Understanding what drives satisfaction within a market space is critical to keeping customers happy and products competitive. Satisfaction is a key performance indicator that can be measured over time and incorporated into a larger scorecard among additional KPIs.


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