Line Analysis & Optimization

Refine your product and service mix by identifying the products that satisfy the most unique demand, without cannibalizing other items in the offering.
NCURA™ (non-cannibalized unduplicated reach analysis) is a new technique that provides TURF-like (total unduplicated reach and frequency) results but works better to facilitate the modeling of optimal product mix strategies.

Consumers' purchase decisions are evaluated for possible cannibalistic substitutability among options. NCURA™ provides modeling solutions to help decide what combination of products to "shelve" together, and to measure the impact of trading out one variety for another.

Conversely, it also indicates which products are highly cannibalistic of each other and therefore not necessary to stock in order to obtain maximum unduplicated reach. While TURF has gained in popularity, useful extensions and variations on it have also been developed. NCURA represents a significant advancement in tailoring TURF methods to our clients' specific research agendas.

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Socratic Non-Cannibalized, Unduplicated Reach AnalysisTM