Data Visualization

Harness, communicate and leverage your research data. Get the right data, in the form you need it, when decisions have to be made.
Socratic captures and presents data clearly and with intuitive, pronounced aesthetics. We believe that a picture is indeed worth a thousand words and often represents thousands of numbers as well.

Intelligence Dashboards

Our chief goal is to build highly functional, customized data visualization dashboards. These are powerful tools that enable you to understand and communicate the implications of your research throughout your organization. The technology on the back end is seamless and "gorgeous" in the eyes of engineers—but it is the user interface that we concentrate on filling with meaningful, inviting and enlightening attributes.

Winning Reporting

We believe that not only does the data collection process have to be sound, it must also be creative in order to resonate with participants. This holds true when presenting results as well. At Socratic we are passionate about making powerful discoveries and sharing them with our clients. Our aim is to prepare reports that enable the reviewer to digest information quickly. The design of the reporting itself must enhance the information being shared.

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Socratic Data Visualization