Brand Assessment

Understand the value of your brand's equity and receive concrete, actionable advice on how to maximize its performance as a competitive asset.
Since 1999, we have studied many versions of the sales funnel form of measurement and have synthesized an improved version of brand-power modeling that allows organizations to identify the contribution of the brand to the business.

The model not only has very strong correlations with current market share, but also has shown to track successfully against directional changes in future share. The Socratic Brand Power Rating™ (BPR) system modifies the standard AIDA (Awareness-Interest-Desire-Action) model to measure four strong components common to most market conditions: Awareness-Consideration-Preference-Purchase Intent. BPR creates a single index number that indicates the overall efficacy of a brand to move customers down the sales funnel.

The strength of the Socratic Brand Power rating resides in its ability to drive future actions in the organization, as opposed to simply submitting a "scorecard" of past performance. By identifying the levers that drive customer retention, and linking them to specific marketing activities and areas of responsibility, the Socratic Brand Power rating empowers the organization to deploy the necessary corrective actions and track results over time.

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