Advertising Testing

Get more detailed diagnostics and useful prescriptives before, during and after your communication events.
Since 1994 Socratic Technologies has been at the forefront of researching and refining traditional methods for testing communications and messaging elements, and subsequently adapting them for use in an online environment.

Many of these methods—including techniques for measuring relevance, believability, memorability, and the communication of positive attributes related to purchase intent—have previously been possible only through the use of a human interviewer. Socratic's approach to adapting these traditional techniques, however, has concentrated on creating self-administered test procedures for remote data collection via the Internet.

In addition to testing advertising effectiveness in offline media, Socratic's approach also works very well for evaluating in-market online advertising. Our method provides advertisers with critical information about the performance of their online advertising on critical dimensions, while avoiding intrusive, annoying, and ineffective pop-ups. Our approach is also Web site friendly, in that we require no programming changes to the site and no ad inventory to accommodate the survey.

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