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Communication & Naming Research

Message Testing

Lots of ways to bring a message to your audience


The objective of any communication plan is to ensure the intended benefits are being communicated to the intended key targets in the most compelling way.

This is easier planned than executed.  Research allows brands to experiment and test messaging before committing expensive time and resources to launching a communications effort.

Socratic has decades of experiences helping brands develop and fine-tune their communications plans.

Socratic’s tools will pinpoint specific elements of messaging where consumers engage or disengage.  We can evaluate video, web pages, mobile apps, email, direct mail, static media, or any other messaging formats that brands use to engage consumers.

Our research methodologies and advanced statistics identify what direct and indirect messages consumers take away from proposed messaging and the reasons why.

The right research partner is critical in ensuring the best version of a marketing message is getting through to the desired audience.

Communication and Naming  Decisions

Decide on the communication voice, tone, and content that is best able to sell the offering and support brand objectives.

Pinpoint the parts of the advertising that drive appeal or interest versus those that warrant revisions.

Evaluate how well the advertising connects with consumers and contributes to campaign objectives.

Identify the naming option(s) that are most unique, motivating, and supportive of desired brand associations.

Understand how to engage with the target audience that you wish to activate and seed PR efforts with compelling factoids and insights.

Create a fact base that enables claims while also being impregnable to competitive objections.

Pressure test communication and business decisions before they undergo more public scrutiny.

Our Technology Roots

The Tools And Approaches Message Testing

  • Socratic Configurator Analysis ℠
  • Socratic NCURA ℠
  • Socratic Te-Scope ℠
  • Text Science
  • Driver Pathways & Bayesian Networks
  • Custom Concept Development
  • Qualitative Discussions & Web Boards

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