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Audiences Change.  The drivers and sentiments associated with buying decisions have new influential factors as a result of the pandemic. 


Economic Headwinds. Challenges related to consumer journeys and the competitive landscape have changed for many organizations creating both opportunities and a need for better guidance.


Plan For Today And Tomorrow. Organizations should strongly consider updating existing research to begin building new insights.

Market Research Planning

Socratic can help assess and build a research plan to deliver critical insights.


Our methodologies and technology provide a fast and efficient process to review and update existing insights objectively.


Uncover new insights by getting a review of your existing data and findings quickly. 


Obtain fresh perspectives on new opportunities for guidance and support of strategic decisions.

Update Existing Research

  • Evaluate and reset existing research through an objective review.


  • Identify the areas of additional research needs to capture new behaviors and sentiments.


  • Quickly understand how your benchmarks have changed this year.

Immediate Research

  • Implement research quickly that can help deliver critical insights for upcoming planning.


  • Launch new tracking and audience surveys to build new benchmarks.


  • Assess your brand and evaluate the competitive landscape for current consumer sentiments.

Research Planning

  • Build a priority list of research needs focusing on how your brand, audiences, and sentiments have shifted.


  • Investigate the areas of need for existing services and uncover pain points related to customer experience.


  • Align your messaging and positioning with new influencers and drivers of consumer decision making.

White Space Opportunities

  • Evaluate competitive entries and exits in your sector and how the audiences are responding.


  • Learn where niche or new audiences are and how you can use them as a growth engine.


  • Determine new segments for activation or build deeper connections with existing groups.

Using an inclusive approach ensures each project is well-designed and productive from start to finish

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