How Recognizable Is Your Logo?

Published on Aug 02, 2021 by Ed Rodgers

Companies can spend millions on creating a logo that will represent their brand and business, but how well does this investment drive consumer behavior?

Creating a memorable logo that the public can identify creates brand recognition that will help consumers find, consider and hopefully, buy your product or services. Coupled with a logo, a slogan or catchphrase is a powerful tool in product recognition when seen or heard. Socratic recently asked our omnibus how well certain logos and slogans can be identified and whether these brand assets influence their behavior and interest in a brand.

Through a series of questions, we challenged our participants to identify well-established brand logos that progressively become less blurred to see how well the colors and design of a logo can be recognized, even when obscured. Additionally, we explored how much a logo influences the respondent in their opinion of a brand and their buying decisions.

We also took several popular slogans of products and asked our omnibus to identify with which it is associated--both with no hints (unaided) as well as with a multiple choice option (. The results show that in some instances, slogans have a low recognition without the help of a logo or choice of options.

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