Published on Mar 14, 2023 by Ed Rodgers

Music Streaming Services And Which Ones We Prefer

It is common now to have a subscription service to access a catalog of music on your phone, computer, and even your car. In many cases it may be more than one as the interest in getting playlists, new releases, or the preference in the platform. Streaming services provide us access to music and audio files with just a press of a button.

The public's desire to have music readily available began with radio and moved through records, tapes and CDs. Inevitably, electronic devices like an iPod and MP3 players made more songs available on demand from pocket-sized devices. Today, any streaming service can put thousands of songs on your device and be played at anytime. Streaming music services are some of the most downloaded apps on phones today and provide a level of convenience to the listener to find almost whatever they wish, whenever and where ever they might be on the planet.

The business end of streaming services has seen exponential growth to the tune of $12 billion in revenue for paid subscriptions to music streaming platforms in the last 20 years. This translates to over 523 million subscriptions worldwide.

Our omnibus wanted to look at our respondents opinions and their behaviors and attitudes towards the different music streaming services. The included infographic provides the findings about our respondents attitudes regarding music streaming services.

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