Good decision-making starts with a solid base.  Socratic’s infrastructure and systems put our client partners in a better position to use research for confident decisions. 


The GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) Report reports that data quality is, by far, the most important consideration for research buyers over several years running. Socratic is a leader in applying research expertise and technology checks to ensure the highest data quality. The following occur on every Socratic project.

We constantly monitor and control sample sources using Socratic’s Panel Fraud Index™Socratic’s Fraud Risk Score™ performs device fingerprinting tracking on every survey respondent entering our survey platform using over 300 data points about the participant’s device.  It also evaluates IP reputation using real-time lookups.

Socratic employs CAPTCHA as another technology check as well as several survey design checks.  Learn more about the steps Socratic takes to ensure data quality.

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Socratic has several ways to protect ideas and concepts from finding their way into the public domain.

  • Display concepts as images, even when the concepts are text based so that research respondents cannot use their cursor to copy and paste content to offline applications.
  • Disable right mouse clicks, print screen functionality, and snip tools.
  • Place a transparent image over the concept so that any attempts to save the concept file only save the transparent image.
  • Watermark the survey page with the research respondent’s unique identifier to identify the responsible individual if a concept image is somehow leaked (e.g., if they take a photo of their computer screen).

Let us know if you would like to learn more about our approaches to protecting intellectual property.


Socratic hosts a secure & branded concept library of your concept testing results that establishes normative benchmarks based on your concepts.  Competitor concepts can be included as external benchmarks.

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Foundations - TruSight


Socratic works with some of the largest global brands in financial services, technology, consumer products, and hospitality.  Socratic is evaluated annually by TruSight, a S&P 500 Global Company that delivers market-leading, comprehensive risk assessments.

Socratic Is A Gold Supplier To JP Morgan Chase

Socratic is a JPMorgan Chase Gold Supplier which is the firm’s top designation for preferred suppliers. To achieve the Gold Supplier designation, Socratic is measured against a series of program requirements for ongoing compliance, exemplary performance and partnership with JPMorgan Chase.

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