End Of Year Spending and Civic Concerns

Published on Dec 01, 2022 by Ed Rodgers

Latest Infographic Looks At Consumer Activities Related To Our Inflationary World And the Shrinkflation Of Goods And Services

As the holiday season begins, the economic headwinds are impacting consumers and businesses alike. Decisions on spending and budgets are greater due to inflation. At the same time, companies and top brands have raised prices and, in many cases, reduced the overall product quantity to keep a healthy bottom line.

Out inflationary times have generated consumer activities investigating how to make their money go further. Consumers are looking for ways to cut things and negotiate for better rates on critical needs such as insurance and healthcare. The hope of shaving spend off of larger items can help keep smaller spend items in the budget for the near future.

Shrinkflation of product size and rising costs can also imply the size of a consumer's budget and the shrinking amount of money left over. Our recent omnibus looked at the Shrinkflation activities in the retail world and asked our respondents how they have been reviewing and addressing some of the potential shortfalls in their budgets. 

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