Electric Vehicle Ownership Infographic

Published on Apr 11, 2022 by Ed Rodgers

Tesla reported over $5 billion in profits in 2021 on the sales of their electric cars. The interest in electric vehicle ownership is rising with a variety of new models and more manufactures introducing Electric vehicles in 2022. Our omnibus took time to visit this topic.

While many have a casual interest in electric vehicles, those that are in need for a new car soon appear to be considering buying an EV as their next car or truck. We used our omnibus panel to investigate the interest and thoughts about the EV market with our respondents. The below infographic highlights our findings about their future plans of considering an electric vehicle. We also look into what the attraction s well as the concerns they have about moving from a gas powered car or truck to one that is powered by electricity.

Lastly, we also highlight in the infographic which manufactures they would consider for an upcoming EV purchase.

Made with Visme Infographic Maker