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Results That Matter: Elastic Promotes Positive Business Outcomes That It Helps Customers Achieve


Elastic is a leading platform for search-powered solutions that helps organizations, their employees, and their customers to find documents, monitor infrastructure, protect against security threats, and more. Companies like Netflix, Uber, Slack, Microsoft, and thousands of others rely on Elastic for their search applications and solutions.

Socratic was enlisted to help Elastic better understand their customer experiences and the levers that drive positive business outcomes under their project “Metrics That Matter” marketing effort.

The Solution

Mixed Methods Approach Involving Qualitative And Quantitative Phases Within Key Verticals

The research covered 62 countries and 5 industry verticals among customers and prospects. Additionally, Socratic’s graphics design team produced prospect-facing marketing collateral that helped immediately to close new business for Elastic.


A series of qualitative discussions helped to align the team on the performance benchmarks to measure in the subsequent quantitative survey.


A global survey of 1,400+ Elastic customers across 62 countries measured business impact across 50+ customer experience dimensions.

Marketing Collateral

Socratic helped to distill and curate the most important insights to showcase Elastic’s impact with customers. Socratic’s graphics design team developed several ready-to-use marketing collateral by product line, industry verticals, and geographies.
The Outcomes

Elastic's solution benefits are now promoted worldwide via the new materials and press releases

Socratic’s research findings are influencing both industry and solution marketing efforts using but the insights and direct customer input such as:

  • Driving profitability while reducing costs 68% through tool consolidation
  • Simplifying solution management in the cloud and reducing data center overhead costs by 71%
  • Improving customer and employee satisfaction by 69%

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