Brand Catalogs Infographic

Published on Feb 08, 2021 by Ed Rodgers

December 2020 saw Ikea announce that after 70 years they were no longer going to publish their catalog. As shopper behaviors have changed Ikea has announced they will be putting more focus on their digital marketing instead.

Victoria's Secret canceled their catalog publication several years earlier as a cost-cutting measure but many large brands have built their business by sending out image-laden catalogs with products to homes to help influence people to buy.

Many retailers continue to produce catalogs such as J. Crew, L.L. Bean and Crate and Barrel that can be found in stores as well as mailed to homes. But as the customer experience has changed and the efficiency of shopping from home has become more accepted, we wanted to find out what our omnibus panel thought about brands and catalogs. Below is our infographic outlining the findings.

Made with Visme Infographic Maker

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