Back To School Omnibus

Published on Sep 27, 2021 by Ed Rodgers

Perspectives on Shopping, Spending And COVID Precautions As Kids Head Back To The Classroom

Despite an ongoing pandemic, students headed back to classrooms across the country this year and likewise the annual ritual of shopping for school supplies and materials commenced.  

We engaged parents to learn details about this year's back-to-school shopping and spending activities while also gauging their thoughts on the COVID precautions in place at their schools.

As many looked eagerly towards in-person learning this year parents still have a lot of concern about the guidelines and precautions amidst sending our children back into the classroom. Even with the precautions, 3 out of 5 still anticipate a return to remote learning.

Regarding school shopping, we saw the average spend on supplies and materials at $159, excluding clothing and electronics. And while almost 80% sought sales and deals on back-to-school items, only 14% shopped online exclusively for supplies this year.

Scroll down to see our complete findings infographic.